studio circOlar

We are exploring...

How might we bring in the aesthetics of used material and showcase their inherent beauty? We believe that the aesthetic of used material, though often ignored, is intrinsic and always in the wait for caring eyes. We strive to create a condition where the inner beauty of the material would emerge, without altering its authentic properties. 


How might we bear in mind our responsibility, in both the process and the afterlife of our re-creation?
We believe that we are responsible for our creation throughout its lifecycle. We adopt a low-impact approach in our research, design, and production; and our responsibility extends beyond the design timeline, towards its circular potential for reuse, recycle and repurpose.

How might we make accessible skills, knowledge and technology to engage the public in this material conversation? We believe that the sharing of knowledge - whether embodied, textual or technological - is essential in making a circular world, for that it relies not only on a singular studio but the collective voice of the public. We aim to build an accessible framework for the public to co-create the material circularity.